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  • What the Aztecs can teach us about happiness and the good life


    In the spring semester of the school year, I teach a class called ‘Happiness’. It’s always packed with students because, like most people, they want to learn the secret to feeling fulfilled. ‘How many of you want to be happy in life?’ I ask. Everyone raises a hand. Always. ‘How many of you are planning […]

  • OnePlus 3 kernel tweak promises 7-8 hours of screen-on time


    You read that right: 7-8 hours of screen-on time for the OnePlus 3. While this may sound too good to be true, the claims seem to be backed up by the XDA community. Furthermore, those responsible for the kernel tweaks claim these times are possible “with regular, no-compromise usage habits: daytime visible screen brightness, both […]

  • Cyber Warfare in 2017 PART 1 of 3: The invisible global wild west, a story in the making


    If you look back at the greatest inventions made in the last few decades, none becomes as significant as the internet. Originally developed to help the progress of computer technology, the internet has since then, crossed numerous milestones of information and resource availability, communication, commerce, entertainment and globalization as a whole. But what if this […]

  • The new Mercedes Electric SUV EQ

    mercedes electric suv

    Called the Generation EQ, the high-riding SUV is wanted to go into creation in 2019 as an electric adversary to any semblance of the Audi e-tron quattro, Jaguar E-Pace and Tesla Model X, gloating a lithium particle battery that is asserted to furnish it with a scope of up to 310 miles between energizing. Similarly […]

  • Human art and AI generated art are the same. Find out why.


    In December 1964, over a single evening session in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, John Coltrane and his quartet recorded the entirety of A Love Supreme. This jazz album is considered Coltrane’s masterpiece – the culmination of his spiritual awakening – and sold a million copies. What it represents is all too human: a climb out […]

  • New tech only benefits the elite and here’s why


    The United States faces an infrastructure crisis. Report after report warns that the nation’s networks are old, brittle and vulnerable. Systems that were once the envy of the world now suffer from chronic underfunding and neglect. If you’ve travelled in western Europe or parts of China recently, you probably noticed the unfavourable comparison between roads […]

  • Best Holiday Tech Gifts Under $25

    tech gifts

    Check out the best tech gifts you can get for under $25. You will not find something premium but you can be sure to discover useful and some even funny. These suggestions are brought to you by Jonathan Morrison