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  • New metamaterial is proved to be the world’s first to achieve the performance predicted by theoretical bounds


    Called Isomax, the beauty of this solid foam—in this case loosely defined as a combination of a stiff substance and air pockets—lay in the geometry within. Instead of the typical assemblage of bubbles or a honeycomb arrangement, the ordered cells were set apart by walls forming the shapes of pyramids with three sides and a […]

  • Tuberculosis-resistant cows developed for the first time using CRISPR technology


    CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology has been used for the first time to successfully produce live cows with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis. “We used a novel version of the CRISPR system called CRISPR/Cas9n to successfully insert a tuberculosis resistance gene, called NRAMP1, into the cow genome. We were then able to successfully develop live cows carrying […]

  • India IT stocks slip amid worries about stricter H-1B visas

    Indian IT

    The shares of top Indian IT companies sank Tuesday in response to news of proposed U.S. legislation that would require salaries for H-1B visa holders to be doubled. By late afternoon shares of all the main IT companies, like Infosys, Wipro and Tata Consultancy Services, had fallen 2-4 percent on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The […]

  • Trump hits 51% disapproval rating after 8 days, faster than any president in modern history.

    disapproval rating

    According to a Gallup poll. Gallup tracks daily the percentage of Americans who approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as president. Daily results are based on telephone interviews with approximately 1,500 national adults; Margin of error is ±3 percentage points.

  • Paleontologists Find 450 Million Year Old Fossilized Trilobite Eggs


    Left: ventrally preserved specimen of the Ordovician trilobite Triarthrus eatoni showing nine eggs in the specimen’s left genal angle; scale bar – 5 mm. Right: close up of the egg-bearing region from the specimen; scale bar – 2 mm (top); scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of the eggs from the specimen (bottom). Image credit: Thomas […]

  • Scientists find brain hormone that triggers fat burning

    TSRI Assistant Professor Surpriya Srinivasan (left) and TSRI Research Associate Lavinia Palamiuc led the new study. Date: January 27, 2017 Biologists have identified a brain hormone that appears to trigger fat burning in the gut. Their findings in animal models could have implications for future pharmaceutical development. Source: The Scripps Research Institute Biologists at […]

  • 3.1 billion records leaked in 2016 because of data breaches and cyber attacks


    Data breaches and cyber attacks in 2016 = 3.1 billion Create line charts One thing that is apparent is that the number of attacks will only continue to grow. With the Internet of Things, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and so many more devices coming online, the number of targets is growing. – Danielle Kriz, Palo Alto […]

  • Cyanogen is shutting all current services “no later than” 31 Dec

    cyanogen shutting down

    As part of the ongoing consolidation of Cyanogen, all services and Cyanogen-supported nightly builds will be discontinued no later than 12/31/16. The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally. Source: Cyanogen As the greater part of us are focusing on our long occasion end of […]

  • Foreigners will have to provide social media accounts to enter U.S.

    us customs

    National security officials think examining social media profiles of people entering the U.S. will help identify extremist threats. Outside voyagers will now be requested that give connections to their web-based social networking accounts before they enter the U.S. after the legislature executed another approach intended to recognize “potential dangers” on Tuesday. The ask for to […]

  • Raspberry Pi will now run on desktop computers as well


    The creators of the modest Raspberry Pi PC have made a variant of its working framework that can keep running on normal desktop PCs. The discharge implies Pi fans can compose programming on one Pixel gadget and utilize it on another without any progressions. The Pi Foundation said the discharge additionally helped its arrangement to […]

  • Super Mario Run iOS: full video review


    Super Mario Run has finally landed on the iPhone. This is the first Nintendo iOS game and I check it out to see if it is worth the price tag of $9.99. Like, share, and enjoy the video! Video by the great youtuber Soldier Knows Best Here is what other people think about this game: 1 […]